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Wheel Refurbishment

BLACK SERVICE members receive access to high end professional alloy wheel refurbishment services, a cost-effective option to expensive replacements. BLACK service members have access to a wide range of state of the art options, bringing new life and restoring the stunning effects of alloy wheels, at a fraction of the cost of new alloys.

We provide premium services on alloy wheels for all high performance and premium luxury vehicle brands. Member vehicles are serviced at a refurbishment centre that deals exclusively with alloy wheels using the latest industry techniques.

Our services cover everything from standard paint to custom finish, diamond cut alloys and full powder finish. All refurbishments are made using only top quality powder products. All alloy processes go through detailed quality inspections by expert technicians to ensure high standards of finished alloy wheels. Other features of our service include expert consultation to recommend the best techniques for refurbishment, fast delivery, stunning results and warranty support for all standard refurbishments.

These are some of the services available exclusively for BLACK members.


Diamond cut alloys are one of the key components to the styling of a premium vehicle and modern makes and models. The diamond cut alloy is a premium service process that uses precision cut on a lathe to leave a high cut shiny finish applied to the rims and, completed by coating the rim with a scratch proof lacquer.


A standard alloy wheel repair finish starts by cleaning the alloys using aquablast machines, followed by kerb damage removal using abrasive disks.  Matching colours are applied using high quality paints. followed by coating with etch primer to prevent corrosion and finished with a coat of primer. The process is completed by colouring the dried alloys and coating with a scratch proof lacquer for added protection.


Powder coating gives a new life to worn out and well used alloy wheels. The alloys are chemically stripped to remove the paint including shot blasting to for residual paint. Powder coating is completed by primer coating, applying colour and a scratch proof lacquer finish.


Our split wheel refurbishment services cover two piece rims in addition to cosmetic split rims. The component parts of the split rim are separated and treated individually. The component parts are then re-assembled and the process is completed.


A standard painted refurbishment is a cost effective way of restoring the good looks and giving new life to wheels that are scratched or damaged through routine causes such as kerbing or chipping when parking or driving.

BLACK wheel refurbishment services restore alloys to their original colour or an option to update to a new look and colour altogether. In the refurbishment process, wheels go through are treated to the core by stripping to bare metal in an acid bath. Any damage is then repaired before powder coating, painting and lacquering for protection.


Black Members receive access to an almost unlimited variety of customisation options to create an outstanding effect that enhances their signature vehicles. We provide a blend of services that can create bespoke rims that stand out from the crowd.

Options include combining custom paint colours of distinct varieties such as gold or glitter effects with diamond cut, providing a unique look. We also offer options such as matching with vehicle colours or achieving contrast effects to create unique rim details that reflect highly individual tastes and styles.


A shadow chrome alloy wheel refurbishment is a specialized process that gives rims the effect of a metal finish in the paint. Our services follow the most accurate refurbishment process that matches the OEM process; powder coated base followed by silver paint and clear coat layers. We strive for a near perfect results that almost matches factory finish between 98-100%. The result is a three-dimensional finish with a striking depth.


Our services include expert straightening of buckled alloys for most wheel types. We correct misshapen buckles so that wheels can be successfully balanced, preventing suspension problems or tyre replacements.

We also provide assessments for wheel damages and defects such as cracks, stress fractures and kerb damage that affect the suspension and tyres. We provide welding services to repair hairline cracks and other options to restore cracked alloy parts, so that wheels can be successfully balanced.


For BLACK service members, we also offer sourcing of new tyres at competitive rates. We cover all makes and models of high performance and luxury cars as well as every day models. We cover winter tyres and fit run flat tyres as well. Our services include tyre fitting and balancing.

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